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Academy of Sciences of Moldova (ASM)

Mathematics and Economics Group
Professor Dr. habil. G. Mishkoy is the team leader at ASM, Moldova.


The team includes one senior scientist Dr. I. Secrieru, the young researcher Dr. A. Bejan and the PH.D. student I. Griza and post-graduate student D. Bejenari.


Research focus:
Research has been devoted towards elaborating analytical and numerical methods for queueing systems with sophisticated priorities and switching times. In particular, major nonstationary virtual characteristics were obtained for such systems and applied to modeling and management of communication systems and networks.


Otto-Friedrich Universität Bamberg (UBAM)

Computer Networks Group

It has been established by Prof. U. Krieger at the Faculty of Information Systems and Applied Computer Science of the Otto- Friedrich-University Bamberg in October 2003.
It has well developed research collaboration with the Institute of Control Sciences of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, the Blekinge Institute of Technolgy in Sweden and the Belarus State University in Minsk.


Project Leader:

Prof. Dr. Udo Krieger


Research focus:
The research of the computer networks group is dealing with traffic, resource, and network management of existing and future communication networks. Current research topics include traffic measurement and characterization in IP networks, resource management in Web and future generation Internet as well as teletraffic modeling and analysis, in particular, numerical solution methods for Markovian models and rare event simulation.