MMB & DFT 2012 Tutorial


Natalia M. Markovich, Udo R. Krieger:
Data Analysis of Measurements Governed by Immanent Dependences and Heavy-Tailed Distributions
and Heavy-tailed Distributions



The new measurement tool Atheris presented at the MMB2012 demonstration session offers advanced opportunities to collect packet data from next generation networks.
To support an adequate teletraffic analysis of these traces by the evaluation of relevant performance indices, for instance, of captured packet flows stemming from new real-time services in a multimedia Internet, advanced statistical methods are required. They allow us to cope with immanent dependencies and underlying heavy-tailed distributions of interesting features of the traffic such as the bitrates, volumes or lengths of sessions, the inter-arrival times, loss rates and delay distributions of the packet streams or their equivalent bandwidth.
In the tutorial we shall discuss useful statistical techniques to handle the arising strongly correlated or long-range dependent time series and heavy-tailed marginal distributions that determine the underlying random variables of the observed data features. New procedures to compute the demanded bandwidth of observed streams or the delay-loss profiles of packet flows during a session will be stated. The analysis concepts will be illustrated by real traces arising from some popular Internet applications.
The tutorial shall stimulate the participants to incorporate adaptations of the sketched procedures into the open source tool Atheris according to their personal needs.


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