Traffic Measurement of Mobile P2P Live Streaming over 3G
- Monitoring SopCast in the Wild


The traffic amount of mobile video streaming is rapidly growing and a potential candidate to reduce the load on the content delivery infrastructure is given by the peer-to-peer (P2P) paradigm. Popular P2P streaming networks like SopCast or TVU networks have recently deployed their apps for mobile devices.


In this work we present the current state of a location-aware measurement framework, which was mainly developed to evaluate P2P systems in cellular networks. We use our generic framework to present the first measurement study that is investigating the behavior of the popular P2P video streaming application SopCast when it is operating in a UMTS High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) network and compare the results with reference Ethernet measurements. The aim of this study is to discover the impact of cellular networks and user mobility on the performance of such P2P applications.


The authors are grateful to Dr. Ingo Dahm of the Deutsche Telekom AG for the provided access to the T-Mobile 3G network.

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Philipp M. Eittenberger, Klaus Schneider, Udo R. Krieger.
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